Sunday, September 07, 2014

What Does a Good Mentor Do?

Today's prompt from the 30 Day Blog Challenge has me reflecting on what it felt like to be a Mentor and to be Mentored.

What I was being mentored, what was it that the mentor was doing that helped me be successful?

When I was being a mentor, how did I help others be successful?

A mentor listens, but the mentor listens in a very different way than a counselor or a friend.

A mentor sees the possible pitfalls in your journey and offers suggestions, ideas, strategies that will increase your changes of success.

A mentor sees the victories big, small, and sometimes so miniscule that you don't notice them and a good mentor not only helps you NOTICE those successes, but helps you understand why they are successful, and how the combined victories are moving you towards your goals.

I mentor helps you gain more and more confidence until you don't even notice they've let go.

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