Sunday, September 21, 2014

In search of a hobby

September 21- Do you have other hobbies/nterests that you bring into your classroom teaching? Explain.

What does it take to have a hobby?  What does it mean when you can think of one that thing you do outside work that you do so regularly as to call it a hobby!  Can grandchildren be a hobby?  Or spending times with friends?  When I'm not engrossed in my lifestyle of teaching or learning,  then I've got a grandchild on my lap or reaching out for some special time with friends and family.

I love flipping through design books  or websites of interesting designs.  Anything that makes me wonder about the creative process than someone went through to create this is intriguing to me.   I love the opportunity to participate in activities that engage me in thinking differently and creatively.  I enjoy listening to Ted Talks.  I just bought my tickets to attend SxSw a gathering of some of the most creative minds in one city for one week.  But sometime my search is more personal and quiet.  Actually this blog is part of that process.  Can this be categorized as a hobby? Is so than my hobby is to be in search of "Whatever makes humans creative?"
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