Saturday, September 20, 2014

Curating student work has never been easier.

30 Day Blog Challenge September 20- How do you or your students curate student work?

We all have that crate (or two, or three)  that we carry with us every time we move to a new location (whether that be a new classroom, a new school, or a new home).  We hardly ever look through it, yet we know what in it and the fact that we know its there embeds its value in our mind so we don't even have to reach into the crate to remember the items that are there.

The same happens when we curate student work.  Taking the time to collect the artifact (or piece of student work) or perhaps its the process of deciding that this piece of work is important enough to curate  -- but somehow if something gets a "YES-KEEP"  when it goes through the sorting hat the reason for keeping it becomes permanently tagged to that item and embedded in your memory and part of your schema of what's important in the world

Currently I use Google Drive for curation.  The accessibility of Google Apps means that my 'curation' tool is always with me and I can quickly tuck something away into a folder or in a 'bin' that can easily be searched by Google's search algorithms.

However, that being said, I wonder if the fact that  curation has become easier taken away some of the powerful elements of curation.  Do we curate too much stuff?  Are we hoarders rather than curators?   #reflectiveteacher

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