Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Behind the scenes

Wow, this prompt from  Te@ch Thought's 30 day blogging challenge  is a tough one. 

Write about one of your biggest accomplishments in your teaching that no one knows about.

I would probably have to say  that its the behind the scene work that I do to help others (especially my students)  be successful. I don't think that people always know how much work goes into some of the ways I try to make others successful.  And I consider this a 'big accomplishment'  because if you combine the accomplishments (big and little)  of all the people I help succeed then the sum total of their accomplishment would certainly be a big accomplish.  

Sometimes the accomplishments that I played a behind the scene role is fairly noteworthy like this Platinum award that my students earned in 2001 

I still remember the day that my students told a visitor to the classroom.  "Its like we teach ourselves" then looking at me apologetically that he might have said something that diminished my role.  He had no idea that the goal was for them to have the confidence from their success that they DID teach themselves more and more each day.  He didn't need to know the hours each night I spent orchestrating the next day's lesson, so they could succeed each day, which ultimately resulted in this success.  (Not the success of the award, but the success of pride, confidence, ability for life long learning, and an aptitude towards self directed learning.)  

Today we say we want self directed learning from our students.  This does NOT diminish or reduce the role of the educator.  It actually increases it, so that you masterfully pull yourself more and more to a behind the scene role and in the eyes of the students and community you become the incredibly shrinking teacher.  But in reality, every move you make counts towards the outcome.  

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