Thursday, September 18, 2014

Like a Freelance Musician

Teach Thought 30 Day Blogging Challenge September 18-
Create an analogy/simile/metaphor that describes your teaching.

Often when you register for a new product online or register to attend a conference you are asked for your title. I always get stuck there. I wear many different hats and I'm not sure which role or title to put down here. Am I the adjunct faculty for University of Vermont? or Marlboro College? Am I the regional representative for our ISTE affiliate - Vita-Learn? Am I a consultant? Am I self-employed? The same question plagues me when people ask me who I work for or what I do for work.

Then one day, I realized I had a lot in common with my children who are freelance musician. So I decided to adopt the term 'FreeLance Educator" . Like my children I sometimes get gigs where I get paid like a professional. I sometimes accept a much lower pay rate because of the clients ability to pay and/or the value/satisfaction I get taking on that gig. I do some gigs pro bono because they are just plain fun or its the right thing to do. And I do plenty for free because I'm creating something new.

Usually when I tell people that they say "so you're a consultant?". Sometimes I play that role, but the consultant is usually building a business in hope that it grows, and I don't identify with that. If anything I'm trying to do less building and more creating. So in my case the the world freelance works for me, but usually does not work so well to earn me the respect I'm looking for amongst others.  


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