Monday, December 16, 2019

Leadership and Technology (Online) Course at UVM - Register by Friday

Are you currently a tech leader or coach in your school (or aspiring to be)?
Does your teacher or library position provide you with leadership opportunities in your school or influence in how technology is used in your school?
Are you considering the ed tech endorsement? 
If so,  consider enrolling in the following course at UVM this semester

Curriculum & Instruction: Leadership and Technology

EDCI 325 OL1 (CRN: 12861)

This course is totally online

Here is more information including a syllabus and a register link

If you plan to enroll (after Friday Dec 20, please send me an email so I can save a seat for you.   

My favorite thing about teaching this course is to watch the connections and community that is created by participants as they grow as emerging leaders in the field of educational technology and how the community continues to support each others as they continue to grow as leaders far beyond the class. 

Email me at if you have questions or are interested so I can save you a seat. 


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