Sunday, December 06, 2015

Hour of Code MashUp - Makey Makey, Scratch, CS-First

See Step by Step Lesson at
Recently I received a help request from a colleague who was preparing for the upcoming Hour of Code activities during Computer Science Education Week.  My colleague wanted to use a Makey Makey during the week and wanted my help getting started using the Makey Makey to learn about code.  Overwhelmed from the wealth of resources, she asked “Where do I start? Hour of Code is next week, and I have no experience.”  I created this Hour of Code Mashup for Makey-Makey, Scratch, and CS-First step by step lesson with her (and others like her in mind).  If you try it out,  please reach out with feedback and ideas for improving it or to share your student creations.

In my opinion Hour of Code should raise awareness for students AND teachers of learning opportunities and motivate us to explore these further.  An HOUR of Code (or two) is not the end goal.  Therefore I have created an activity that blends three of my favorite resources together to have students experience CREATING with Code combining the  digital and physical world.  I hope that after this activity students will be eager for more and pursue exploring these amazing opportunities.

This site is filled with ideas, lessons, guidelines for creating and inventing with Makey Makey.  
This site is filled with opportunities for student to IMAGINE, CREATE, PLAY, SHARE, REFLECT and LEARN. Their is a wealth of resources for students and teachers who want to learn with SCRATCH.

If you are looking for a Ready-Made Step by Step guide to teaching students computer science with SCRATCH, this is the place.  It includes lesson plans, videos, lesson plans, handouts, badges, certificates, and everything you need to implement theme based learning opportunities.  There is even a teacher dashboard to help you keep track of self directed student progress.

If you check out my Hour of Code Mashup using Makey Makey, Scratch, and CS-First Step by Step Lesson, I hope you'll share what you make, how you used it, or send feedback to make it better.

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