Monday, December 08, 2014

Hour of Code ~ Monday (Create Local Pride in Vermont)

Are we ready for HOUR of CODE!  You betcha!

I have worked extensively with  Vermont Agency of Education, Vita-Learn (our Vermont ISTE affiliate) and Google Educator Group ~ Vermont to set up place for Vermont schools to showcase their participation in Hour of Code.  Check it out at

With the amazing resources already set up by Hour of Code,  why set up a special place for Vermont participants? The resources compiled where professional quality resources that were some of the best FREE educational resources I've seen.  The marketing campaign, also immensely professional,  drew in 15 million participants. 

My goal was to tap into local pride and  have our students, educators, community see themselves as part of the Vermont educational landscape in a very visual way.   Look who we are?  Look what we are doing?  The whole is bigger than the sum of its parts! 

Using Blogger, I set up a web presence where our teachers could automatically POST BY EMAIl and add their pictures and videos.  Look at those beaming faces!   Even if they aren't your students, don't you feel proud to have them part of our learning landscape in Vermont!

Along with the interactive visual gallery we  set up for our educators to add to, a group of us also worked to assemble a series of Guest Speakers of Hour of Code week.  The Agency of Education,  Vita-Learn, and Google Educator Group teamed up to offer this great lineup of role models via Google Hangout on Air.  Each day this week, you will find a great Hangout on Air to watch with your students that not only has one or more role models from industry for your students to listen to and ask questions to,  but each hangout also features one Vermont school as co-host.  Come check out what your fellow students and teachers are up to by watching the Hangout on Air live or checking out the archived video.

But you can do more than WATCH  and LISTEN  to partake.  You can actually create games and share them via a special Vermont Hour of Code  Arcade that we set up using  Do your students have a game they have created that they'd like to share?  Or would they like to play  one of the games other Vermont students created?   Then check out the Vermont Hour of Code Video Arcade! 

Check it out at

Code on, Vermont students and teachers!  I'm so proud to be part of the Vermont Learning Landscape!

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