Tuesday, October 07, 2014

If I Were Not Afraid

The last prompt of the 30 day Blogging Challenge from TeachThought "What Would You Do If You Were Not Afraid?"

After several false starts in reflecting on this prompt,  I realize that I'm already doing lots of what I would do if I were not afraid.  I have given up my apartment, left the security of the K12 education system,  moved into a vintage 1983 BlueBird Wanderlodge and given myself a new title "free-lance educator".  I'm letting my passion, curiosity, and interest lure me to my next adventure.

However, I realize that if I were NOT afraid.. I would just "LEARN"  all the time and "GIVE away my LEARNING" to anyone who was interested in having me help them Learn.   The part of me that keeps me from doing that is a certain degree of FEAR that as I get older I will have financial needs that I won't be able to meet.  We just celebrated my husband's grandmother's 100th birthday.  The day after she turned 100 she got a letter from the president and an eviction notice because she had run out of money.  Haunted by fear that I don't want to be a burden to my children, and the desire to be independent, I still charge for some of the things I do -  but because I'm MOSTLY unafraid,  was able to let go of the constraints of a 180 day teaching contract and the constraints of living in a house and gain the freedom to do lots of things because they are fun - thus the term "free-lance".  

For example,  this weekend I had a vision to lead a communal 3D printer build.  I tried for a little bit to find some sponsors, but then decided to not be afraid and JUST DO IT and ordered the kit.  And because I was unafraid,  lots of people learned and were empowered.   They weren't necessarily empowered "to build a 3D printer" - they were empowered because they had a chance to help "MAKE" something that would really be used.  Many left thinking... "wow if people make 3D printers,  what else can we make -- what do I want to make?"

Speaking of challenges, this post completes the Te@ch Thought's 30 day blogging challenge .

I must admit, I'm about a week late in completing the challenge, but I decided that completing all 30 prompts should count!  Part of not being afraid is making up your own rules, right! ;-)
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